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ーーー Applications for Variant/Expression analysis ーーー
Expression analysis workflow
(Target prioritization application, start with text file containing Gene/Protein identifier(s).)
Expression analysis workflow (Extended 1)
(Taxonomy identifier selection box, to specify interestd inGrouping results by term/item contained in the input file as a column data)
ーーー Applications to seek annotations for specified gene/protein identifier(s) ーーー
・Target prioritization analysis from Gene/Protein identifiers.
・Generate compound-target matrix using ChEMBL assay data, associated with arbitrary Gene/Protein identifiers specified.
・Generate table containing activities taken from ChEMBL assay data, associated with PDBIDs specified.
・Generate Gene/Protein accession table associated with arbitrary Gene/Protein identifiers specified.
ーーー Misc/Other Applications ーーー
・Add Mesh pharmacological actions to compounds specified as LSKB_ChemID.
・Chemotargets CLARITY TLINK file annotator with Expression result file
ーーー Static Application(s) ーーー
・Target-based data mining (Molecule-TTD/ICD10 data browser)
・ChEBI data browser
ーーー Example of custom application(s) ーーー
・Exploration of Similar Proteins from Specified Gene/Protein Identifier(s)
・Prediction of Adverse Reaction Target and Profiling from a Molecule in a Molfile.
・Mechanism exploration by combination of Target prediction and Expression analysis.

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