Workflow tools make it easy to simplify complex searches and easily build complex and complex search procedures.

Chemical structure able to use for Work-Flow


Many processing parts are prepared starting from genes, proteins, and compounds

If you fix the starting point of Work Flow, the available parts will be displayed, so you can easily create your own search and filter function that can be freely combined.


Search that is not in the standard menu is also possible

You can freely combine workflows, decide the input, select the processing parts, and select the output filter to realize what you want to do. If there are no parts, you can request it.


The created workflow can be shared and reused

The created workflow can be saved including conditions, and can be re-executed / reprocessed with the same contents and shared with other users.


Workflow from compound structure is also possible

By incorporating the structure search into the workflow, it is possible to create a workflow that collects and organizes the assay result data held by LSKB.


Search by specifying MoA or Action Type is possible

Mode of Action (Channel blocker, Voltage-gate ~ activator, ...) and Action Type (agonist, antagonist, ...)

Supports compound search by compound classification keyword


Coming Soon

Next minor change

Use for text mining data and workflow analysis

Analysis using text mining data will be added to the new workflow in sequence (coming soon)

Next minor change

Addition of disease mining function to workflow

A function to search for targets and compounds based on diseases and phenotypes, and to filter by activity value, etc. will be added (coming soon).