Searching for targets and compounds from diseases and guessing diseases from targets are characteristic functions that can be used in all situations.

Disease to Target group by Function


Ranking potential indications from a list of genes / proteins

From the list of target genes / proteins, you can easily filter many potential indications by Phase or number of related diseases, and search for many indications.


Search for potential risks from disease SNP information

From the SNP information, if there is an amino acid mutation or crystal structure, it is characteristic that the site affected by the SNP around the ligand binding site can be seen.


Ranking related diseases from multiple genes

Equipped with an algorithm that ranks by skewering and mining complex data using multiple genes as queries. It is possible to respond in many situations such as objectively ranking diseases from multiple genes in expression data.


Search for related diseases from functions such as ontology

Genes related to ontology and function are assayed, and related genes, clinical trial clinical trial information, and related literature can be referred to in a list.


Ranking ontology by disease and search for targets and compounds

You can rank ontology and see genes, MOA (Mechanism Of Action), and therapeutic agents at once. It is also characterized by leading to an activity value


Refer to GWAS and expression experiment data of the target disease

You can obtain genes, SNPs, and treatises obtained from study data in the GWAS catalog, and you can see links to experimental data with SRA and Array Experiment at once.


Search for information on microorganisms and viruses of the target disease

Along with related literature information, you can see assay information that leads to activity values targeting microorganisms and viruses. Compound information can be referenced via assay


Efficient search with the target classification function of the target disease

Show targets by class. It is possible to expand to the active value together with the assay information and compounds that are directly linked to the details of the target and the active value. Providing an efficient target search environment


Coming Soon

Next minor change

Expanded estimation mode with functional information related to the disease

It will be equipped with an algorithm that further enhances the ability to search for targets and compounds by using functional information of diseases.